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January 9, 2022

Dear Friends,
I’m praying your New Year is off to a peaceful and blessed beginning! Many voices have expressed hopefulness that this year will be happier and healthier.
Unfortunately, it seems I know more people with Covid now than when this pandemic first confronted us. They have been vaccinated and boosted so that will help the symptoms and recovery.
I am being safe and cautious so that I can remain available and present to our faith communities and for any emergencies. Let’s pray for one another to be safe and for healing for those who test positive.
Again, thank you to everyone for the wonderful Christmas and New Year’s cards, greetings, presents and treats! All have been greatly appreciated by me and our Parish Staffs! God bless everyone!!!
Both Saint Catherine of Siena and the Church of the Transfiguration have been fortunate to have many faithful members donate a pledge to this year’s Catholic Ministries Appeal. As of writing this article, Saint Catherine of Siena has attained 72% of its responsibility and the Church of the Transfiguration 83%. Thank you to all those who have joined me in making a pledge to our faith communities and diocese.
This year’s CMA theme is “Forward In Faith”. I am praying in gratitude for those donors who see the importance of the CMA and are moving forward in the works and ministries of our faith.
I would ask the other members of our faith communities who have not already made a pledge to please, prayerfully consider a pledge. All of us coming together enlivens and blesses the parishes we care so deeply about and love. As you know, any deficit from the goal/responsibility has to be made up out of parish finances. If you have any questions please see me or speak to anyone on our Finance Council or Parish Pastoral Councils. Again, I sincerely appreciate all those who have and will participate in our “Forward In Faith” CMA.
So we have a new beginning with 2022! Let us pray and minister together that these two faith communities will have many blessings in the weeks and months ahead!
With faith,
Father Rob


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