Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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July 24, 2022

Fr. Rob's guest blogger this week is Karen Luke, the Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation at St. Catherine's!


The other day I was walking behind a mom and her 2-year-old son in a parking lot. It wasn’t a busy parking lot, and he just stopped and sat down to look at something. I made a quick joke about “tired or looking at something?” The mom said, “looking at something” with a smile on her face. It got me thinking about how much stuff I miss every day because I am always going a mile a minute from here to there. Not only was it a great reminder but what was even better was that the mom didn’t rush the boy.
My happy place, the place that I get my battery recharged and the place where I find God is when I am outdoors camping or hiking. Last weekend, my family went on our annual friends camping trip with two of my childhood best friends and their families… 6 adults and 6 kids ranging from 14 years old to 4 months old. Some of you would think this would be the least enjoyable weekend to recharge, but it was the best! Seeing the older kids play with the younger kids… God Moment. Watching the adults take care of the 4-month-old so her parents could make breakfast or sleep in… God Moment. Hiking through the woods and looking onto Lake Ontario… God Moment. Waking up before everyone else, sitting by the fire with my coffee… God Moment.
Just like the little boy in the parking lot who was so intrigued with whatever he was looking at…God Moment. For me, it took that little boy to remind me of all the blessings I receive each day even amid all the chaos the world is offering. I am challenging each of you to slow down and find your God Moment. Read a book, go for a walk, come back to Church if you’ve been away for a while. Another good way to find God is to come to the Family VBS at St. Catherine on August 8-11th.
Parents, bring your kids! Grandparents bring your grandchildren. Aunts & Uncles, bring your nieces and nephews! All are welcome… the young and the young at heart! Come and sit with your family for dinner every night, then experience the fun activity centers afterwards! Rain or Shine! If it’s shining, we will have all our activities outside… If it rains, we will be inside! Nothing can stop PEACE LAB!!! Frost cookies and create an ice-cream sundae at snack. Create Peace Rocks and Friendship Soup at Crafts. Water balloons and pass the peace potato during Games! Each day has a different theme of how to be a Peace Maker! It’s only $75.00 per family and if you can’t come each day, that’s ok! Call me for a discounted rate and take-home bags!
I hope that you will accept the challenge of slowing down and come to Peace Lab!
Karen Luke


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