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June 30, 2024

Dear Friends,

Before us is the Fourth of July!  Recently, we have celebrated Memorial Day, Flag Day and Juneteenth.  Now arrives another very important day in our American history and why I still have flags proudly shown around my home.

Going back to my Holy Ghost grade school days I learned the Fourth of July commemorates the day the United States gained independence from Great Britian in 1776. The delegates of the continental Congress voted to declare the sovereignty of the 13 colonies on July 2nd, when it approved a resolution submitted by delegate Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.  After voting, the Continental Congress drafted a document, aka the Declaration of Independence, explaining the colonies newfound independence to the public, which was approved on July 4th in Philadelphia. However, (always a however) historians have long disputed the date of its signing, and may believe it wasn’t signed by all the delegates until August 2nd, 1776.  There is much more to our fabulous history and I will let you explore it at your leisure.

The Fourth of July is known for its red, white, and blue, fireworks, barbeques and family and friends gathering together for a celebratory day.  But, let us not forget or put aside the meaning of this days origin, the many individuals who sacrificed so much, most importantly their very lives to create and build this great nation of democracy for us!  We, the citizens of the United States of America, have a great foundation upon which our lives have been gifted and blessed by our predecessors. May we pause and give some prayer in gratitude for what freedoms and responsibilities that have been handed down to you and me.

There is an Independence Day Prayer within this bulletin that I hope you may use and bring perhaps to whatever gathering you may be partaking of this coming Thursday.  God blesses our great nation, just as God blesses all nations and peoples. May we pray and work together for justice and peace, love and respect, and faith and hope, that all peoples may appreciate and be responsible for the gifts set before us by our loving and faithful God.

Happy Fourth of July!

Blessings to everyone,

Father Rob         



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