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June 5, 2022

Dear Friends,
Every time I look at the pictures of these 31 innocent souls, tears come from my soul, heart and
eyes. How many more times must we face such killing of innocent souls? From Sandy Hook, a
movie theater in Colorado, Tops “Friendly” Market, Robb Elementary School and so many other
places in this nation that has experienced such carnage and death, is there no end? No solution?
No belief in humanity that this can be eradicated? Are we truly listening to Jesus Christ, the Prince
of Peace and following His life?

Eternal Rest grant unto these precious lives and may perpetual light shine upon them.
God bless their families and friends, our communities, our nation and world.
God, may we embrace your will, and live lives that bring peace, respect
and dignity to all your children, our brothers and sisters.

With prayer, faith and hope,
Father Rob

Roberta A. Drury, - age 32
Margus D. Morrison, - age 52
Andre Mackneil, - age 53
Aaron Salter, - age 55
Geraldine Talley, - age 62
Celestine Chaney, - age 65
Heyward Patterson, - age 67
Katherine Massey, - age72
Pearl Young, - age 77
Ruth Whitfield, - age 86
Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, - age 10
Alithia Ramirez, - age 10
Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, - age 10
Eliahana Cruz Torres, - age 10
Eliana “Ellie” Garcia, - age 9
Eva Mireles, - age 44
Irma Garcia, - age 48
Jackie Cazares, - age 10
Jaliah Nicole Silguero, - age 10
Jayce Luevanos, - age 10
Jose Flores Jr, - age 10
Layla Salazar, - age 10
Makenna Lee Elrod, - age 10
Maite Rodriguez, - age 10
Maranda Mathis, - age 11
Nevaeh Bravo, - age 10
Rojelio Torres, - age 10
Tess Marie Mata, - age 10
Uziyah Garcia, - age 10
Xavier Lopez, - age 10
Amerie Jo Garza, - age 10


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