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March 20, 2022

Dear Friends,
This coming week we are blessed to have Dr. Joseph Kelly once again in our parishes to lead us on a Lenten “Holy Ground” experience.
Joe, who is so well known among both the communities of Saint Catherine of Siena and the Church of the Transfiguration, will be with us March 21st through March 23rd. Joe will be reflecting on the questions of Jesus.
He puts before us these thoughts, “Have you ever been bowled over by a serious question that someone unexpectedly posed to you? Did it make you think more deeply or in a new and different way? Did it change your life in some way? Interestingly enough, Jesus often challenged his followers by asking questions. In John’s Gospel alone, Jesus stuns them with 35 provocative questions! In this special three-evening Lenten Retreat, we will explore possible answers to some of these fascinating questions. Are you willing to accept a Lenten challenge? Come and see if reflecting on these questions might help you to think more deeply about our Christian faith and put this faith into practice in a more creative way.”
We will gather Monday, March 21st at the Church of the Transfiguration at 7 PM. Tuesday evening, March 22nd, we will gather at Saint Catherine of Siena at 7 PM. And on our final evening, at 7 PM, we will return to the Church of the Transfiguration. ALL presentations beginning with prayer will be in each churches sanctuary.
I will be praying that you will be able to join me for this sacred time. If you can attend all three evenings that will be a blessing. But do know, if you can come to one, two or all three evenings you will be enriched with a message that will be nurturing your sense of “Holy Ground” and your personal spiritual journey.
“We Walk On Holy Ground.” We do!
Come next week with me and let us walk together with Jesus as we head to Jerusalem.
My heart like yours grieves with the ongoing devastation that takes the lives of our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and yes, Russia. I am so disheartened by the lack of love for our family of God. Here we are in our Lent, and we have “family” whose Lent is so more weighed down by the cross. So often I have said about particular situations in my life and yours, “this is a first world problem”. And isn’t looking at Ukraine and other horrific situations throughout the world the same. I hope you are keeping this dire situation in your daily prayer, grace at your tables and before your closing of evening as you and I comfortably place our heads on bed pillows.
I want to share the “why we should pray” through the wisdom of Sister Kathleen O’Connell, RSM. May we take her words and keep them before us till we are at peace not only in our lives, but in the lives of every sister and brother in God’s creation.

“The people of the Ukraine are very much on our minds and in our hearts these days. The nightly news keeps before us the very sad plight of the refugees who are seeking to leave the destroyed homes and shelters for safety for themselves and their families. Families being pulled apart as fathers and husbands remain behind. Many of us living thousands of miles away question what we might be able to do to help those being displaced. With a sense of frustration we might tend to say: “Well, the least I can do is pray”. The “least?” Make that the “best” I can do. Make that the “first” thing I can do. And for what do I pray? Certainly for a cessation of the invasion, for the safety of all who are fighting, for all the refugees who have left behind all that has been important to them, for the children who are the innocent ones in this. for all those nations who are welcoming the refugees and sending supplies. But especially pray for the faith of the people of Ukraine, that they do not lose their faith in God’s promise to be with them and that they are able to see moments of God’s presence. Pray for the strengthening of their faith so that they will continue to have hope that God’s providence will care for them. Faith and hope. Without Faith there is little hope. So pray for their faith, that hope will see them through these very sad, difficult days. And pray for their enemies. What can we do? We can pray!. Peace, my friend”, Sister Kathleen O'Connell, RSM

As ever,
Thank you for walking beside me on “Holy Ground”,
My love and blessings,
Father Rob


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