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March 6, 2022

Dear Friends,
I begin not knowing what will happen in our world by this publication. I’m writing this article on Sunday afternoon, 12:55PM on February 27th.
I shared at the weekend liturgies which I presided at, that my heart was distressed with the tragic aggression of Putin and the Russian government towards Ukraine. Being someone who may not be as savvy or knowledgeable as others in world affairs, this past week has been sorrowful to say the least. Now lives are lost, disrupted and homes and communities lie in rubble.
Naïve I may be, but I’ve always been a person who likes peace, seeks it when it’s questionable and prays that it will come quicker than later. It is 2022 and I question what is going on that this is taking place?
Several folks spoke to me after the masses affirming my remarks. Others asked that we would be a continuing voice of support for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. Certainly, we shall continue to pray and be voices of support for Ukraine and all affected by this aggression to world peace and justice.
And Lent has begun. We are sharing a common theme between our two parishes these six weeks and into the Easter season. It is “We Walk On Holy Ground”. The theme came from the sacred texts we will be reflecting upon in the coming days and weeks. It certainly is timely to think about what this sacred ground means to us.
Sacred ground is for sure beneath our feet, in lands and countries throughout the world and even in the soil of our hearts and souls.
Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are sacred tenets to Lent. With all that may be going on in our personal lives and Ukraine, these tenets can certainly be beneficial by our giving serious attention to them.
Many opportunities will happen between our faith communities to help us reflect on prayer, fasting, almsgiving and what “Holy Ground” means to us.
Please check our bulletin and websites for these gatherings that will bring renewal and hope to our hearts and souls.
With trust in Him, let us continue to pray for Ukraine and God’s children throughout the world. We share a precious gift with one another as “We Walk On Holy Ground”, God’s holy ground.
May the Prince of Peace intercede for us,
Father Rob


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