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May 22, 2022

Dear Friends,
Who doesn’t like good news?
The other day Meg Kastner shared some really good, wonderful and blessed news!!!
It starts with Mark Kastner’s father, Meg’s father-in-law, Lawrence Kastner.
Larry passed “on his own terms” April 22 at the age of 94.
Before he died, I had the honor and privilege to visit him at Mark’s brother’s home and share the Sacraments Of Last Rites and Holy Communion. We had a wonderful visit and Larry was very talkative and ready to “go home” to the Lord and be reunited with his beloved wife, Doris.
Larry shared how much his faith had meant to him his entire life. He was always engaged in parish life and loved his current parish, Saint Charles Borromeo on Dewey Avenue. He told me one story after another with much joy, love and heartfelt appreciation. I left feeling so blessed I had met this good man.
Larry’s funeral mass was April 29th, the feast day of Saint Catherine of Siena. Again, I was honored to preside at his funeral mass and reflect on this holy man. Saint Catherine said, “Be everything you’re meant to be and you’ll set the world on fire.” I think Larry did just that with his 94 years in the world.
So, to continue the good news. The Kastner family was ready to sell Larry’s home. Bids came in quickly and now I am going to quote Meg.
On May 11th, Meg shared, “I called Mark on my way to Saint Catherine’s today and I could hear in his voice that he was in an emotional place. I asked him what was going on…and he shared they just accepted an offer on his parents home. But that’s not all… He learned that the people who were buying the house ( with help from a family in Webster) are migrants from Ukraine who have come here with nothing. When Mark and his brothers heard this … they unanimously and without hesitation gave everything in the house over to these people with the sale of the house. Pots and pans, and dishes, beds and linens, sofa’s and chairs etc.
Mark and his brother’s know that their parents are still doing good from beyond and didn’t they beautifully meet them there in that place God has made for us?”
When the buyers heard of this phenomenal gift they began to cry knowing they can now start to rebuild their lives.
That’s good news! That is the Good News Larry and Doris Kastner have passed onto their family and their new family from Ukraine!
God Bless the Kastner family, the Ukrainian family and all of us! And, may we pray for all those mourning the loss of lives in Buffalo this past Saturday. God bring peace and eternal life to those tragically killed. God bring peace and consolation to family, friends and community who mourn this painful time. God bless them.
With faith,
Father Rob


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