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May 29, 2022

Dear Friends,
I begin on a sad note. Our dear friend, parishioner and Chair of Saint Catherine of Siena’s Parish Pastoral Council died last Saturday night. Phil Dattilo was a great steward and active member of Saint Catherine’s. His smile greeted and welcomed hundreds of people as
they arrived for mass. Phil was there to open the door, sign folks in during the pandemic, guide folks when the time of communion began, crack a joke, grin that million dollar smile at you and always made you feel like a very important person. And when mass was ended, Phil would be outside in his orange vest to safely direct and guide parishioners as their cars made their exit from the parking lot. Phil loved his wife Linda and family very much. Phil loved to fish and just gave up
his boat last year finding a better deal with less headaches in owning a boat. Phil loved his church, his community and
his Lord.

I am going to miss him so much. As I confidently believe he is in heaven, I can see him being embraced into Easter
eternity wearing his infamous swordfish shorts! God bless you my friend! I thank the Lord so much for allowing me to
know you and worship alongside you. I will forever remember you in heart and prayer.

Our Memorial Day will be this coming Monday. This day is set apart for Americans to recall all the lives
sacrificed for our freedom as a people and nation. It is a time that we hopefully take in the midst of marking the
unofficial beginning of summer, picnics/cookouts, opening summer cottages and lake homes. We remember the
generous and courageous men and women who gave the ultimate gift of their lives with our thoughts and prayers.
I would like to share the following prayer with you:

God our creator and sustainer,
today our country brings to our memory
those who have defended this nation
in times of trouble.
They have sacrificed their lives to protect our shores
from those who would limit our freedoms
or enslave us to ways that are against your will.
Bring all those who have died in service to our
country into your heavenly home.
We humbly call down your blessing on those still serving.
Grant your heavenly protection to these, and all service
men and women, and open your
Sacred Heart to give
them peace and comfort.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago the great stewards from both our faith communities who care for our
parish gardens. Another shout out of gratitude goes to Diane Daily, Bob & Kathy Goldbach, Bill Hulbert,
Amisha Khadka, Anup Khadka, Charlene Merrill, Mike Moszkowicz and Mark Wright who helped with the cleanup
and prepping of gardens and flower beds last Saturday at Saint Catherine’s. And thank you to Terry Finegan,
Armand Fenicchia, Terri Feeny, Gael Garrity and Mary Blasko who have been doing the same at Transfiguration.
Please give them your gratitude when you see them.

So, dear friends, let us keep Phil, our valiant service men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our
nation, those who still actively serve, the people of Ukraine, Buffalo and all those others you carry in mind and
heart in our prayers.

In faith and blessing,

Fr. Rob




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