Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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November 26. 2023

Dear Friends,

We just celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday and I hope each of you enjoyed the day.

Counting my blessings and joys I know I have much to be grateful for because of the Lord’s great generosity upon me! Each night as I prepare to go to sleep, I think of what the day has brought before me and always thank the Lord for His blessings! Whatever the day have brought before me, there is always something to acknowledge and be grateful for.

One blessing this year for me is that Thanksgiving weekend did not also incorporate the beginning of the new Church Year, Advent!  Oh what a gift to have an extra week for preparations for one of my most favorite liturgical seasons.

Many wonderful opportunities will be offered between our two parishes these coming weeks. Hopefully, you will receive our mailing with details and you can always check the bulletin and our parish websites with all the prayerful moments that are before us.

Prayer services will be on Monday evenings between the two parishes beginning this Monday. A Penance Service with individual confession for those who would like to participate is December 4th. Right after that is our Holy Day of Obligation, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th. And before we will know it, the Fourth Sunday of Advent will usher in, later that same day, our liturgies for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!! Let me catch my breath!!! Catch yours as well!

Hopefully, with all we want to do, we will take moments to breathe, pray and prepare for what this beautiful season is all about.

For many years, pre Covid, I would have a display of many of my Creches/ Nativity sets in the chapel of Saint Catherine’s and the main body of the church. Over the years we had parishioners also share theirs over the Advent/Christmas Season. I would like to do it again this year.

If you would like to share your Creche/Nativity, or one of yours (Kathy Battaglia and I have a few ourselves), please consider it and let me know this week. Every piece will be secure and safe. I have two beautiful wood display cabinets that many can be displayed in with love. Also, depending on the number shared, I can make safe presentations.

If you are willing, PLEASE share a brief story about your Creche/Nativity, its origin, meaning to you, etc. They can be dropped off at Saint Catherine’s Parish Office or Transfiguration’s Parish Office with attention to me.

Think about it. I hope you’ll participate.

Ending with a heart full of gratitude, please allow me to say once again, thank you to everyone who celebrated my 40th Anniversary of being ordained to the priesthood. I am still receiving good wishes and prayers. It means so much to me and I thank the Lord for all of you!

With faith and hope, as we go forward to Strengthen the Vine by Welcoming Emmanuel,
Father Rob


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