Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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November 27, 2022

Dear Friends,

We are in a blessed moment of a new Liturgical Season. Advent is here! We all are aware of the movements and translations that are part of our day to day being. We are all invited to be present to a new moment that calls us to be people awake, alert and watching for the second coming of Jesus! We may not always focus on the “Second Coming” of our Lord because we just keep continually moving forward with whatever is the focus of our existence.

We, though, are reminded in this sacred time to think, perhaps reevaluate and contemplate where are we heading and what is the destiny we are choosing. We are heading to where? What is our destiny? What is our heartfelt desire to move from “darkness of Advent to the light of the Nativity”? Our parishes are sharing a rich theme this Advent.

Several weeks ago, parishioners, from both our faith communities, gathered together after prayerful discernment to choose an Advent Theme for us to contemplate well into our Christmas/Epiphany Season.

I joyfully share with you the theme chosen, Illuminate His Light!!!!!

Prayerfully, our Parish Staffs will enlighten and inspire over these few weeks ahead of us, the faith we are so embraced with and enlighten us to share it with our sisters and brothers.

CHALLENGE...our parish theme is “Illuminate His Light”. Looking around this bulletin, our websites, our texts, our parish emails, our fabulous staffs communications... do you have a presence where you, YOU, can illuminate His Light?

Advent Blessings.
Father Rob


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