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November 28, 2021

Dear Friends,
I'm hoping and praying you had a blessed Thanksgiving.
This very weekend we begin our new liturgical year. Advent has arrived and these four brief weeks will pass by all too quickly.
Our faith communities know that as we cluster together we are two separate parishes with one pastor. That being said, we know we have been sharing common Pastoral Staff for some time and enjoying various gatherings of spiritual life.
This year, because of timing, each faith community has developed its own theme for Advent/Christmas.
The Church of the Transfiguration is focusing on a theme of " Hope, Love, Joy and Peace" over the these four weeks.
Saint Catherine of Siena chose the theme "Anticipation & Hope, Moving Forward In Faith".
Both faith communities themes will express the anticipation and direction where we will go forth in the graces of our Christmas!
All our beloved individuals who will be preaching over these weeks will gift us wherever we are worshipping with good news.
I am confident that the most important theme we will be expressing is the love of Jesus Christ and His promise of eternal salvation for all who desire this gift.
I anticipate as we all go forward we might have common themes (I do not even want to think of Lent). Our separate identities are important but let us remember we are one church and what may we prayerfully bring before one another for the goodness of our communities. I realize every day how fortunate Saint Catherine of Siena and the Church of the Transfiguration are because of our shared faith, mission and beliefs in Jesus Christ.
Please check out in our bulletins all the Advent opportunities we have.
Do come and see/hear Dr. Sr. Barbara Moore who addresses this beautiful Advent beginning this Saturday at 10 AM at Saint Catherine of Siena.
See my bulletin article last week about details or look within this bulletin for further information.
Looking forward to this time with each of you.
Please let me know what I can do to help you "stand up for a Halleluiah moment of joy"!!!
Father Rob


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