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November 5, 2023

Dear Friends,

We have been through a tough time. As we were gathered at Transfiguration for a Prayer Service for Peace in the Middle East, an apparent murder/suicide took place just around the corner. Sadly, this occurred with children in the home. How heartbreaking for the families and friends to have this devastation in their lives. I have always believed what a gift we have with our minds when they are healthy.

Suffering comes in many ways and we hope that those who carry these burdens will reach out for help and receive it. Eighteen individuals were killed in Maine. People enjoying a “Youth Night” of bowling and friends gathering at a pub. All innocently targeted by a mad individual. Again, what mind chooses to do such carnage against our sisters and brothers? We grieve another senseless mass shooting in our nation. When will it end? We pray but once again, there needs to be some action that ends these murders in our “western civilized nation.”

The war between Israel and Gaza steadily intensifies as I write this message. It is so complex. The lack of respect for human lives and the killing of innocent babies, children and adults of all ages is horrific. I pray, like yourselves, that peace may be established and that evil may be eradicated. Hatred, prejudice and racism have no place in the lives of God fearing people.

And, Ukraine seems to be off the front line of our news but still is oppressed by Russia. War continues destroy the lives of people from both nations. I continue to pray, like yourselves, that an end to this war may come quickly and people can restore their lives with peace.

We read in scripture about the peace Jesus offers each and every one, to all peoples. This peace comes with the understanding and embrace of His two greatest commandments, to love God above all things and to love our neighbors (all of them) as we love ourselves. It isn’t always easy when we are confronted with atrocities against humanity. But, Jesus asks of us that we strive for and model His peace by our own lives.

Let’s accept His grace every day of our lives that we can have peace of mind in doing what is good and honorable for all God’s children.

With hope and faith,
Father Rob 


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