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October 16, 2022

Dear Friends,

My dad, who loved his profession, was a Funeral Director. He was a very well respected professional and was called upon from many different funeral homes over the years of his vocation.

I grew up with a great respect for caring for those who mourn their beloved deceased family and friends. Many times I would be challenged in my own thoughts and beliefs depending on the particular circumstances. My faith in eternal life, the promises of Jesus Christ and His resurrection have always been a comfort, consolation and hope for my spiritual life.

Back to my father, Paul Bourcy who was a man of deep faith. He would say, “Rob what is happening?” The funeral considerations have certainly changed over my lifetime not to mention my father's. Today, more individuals choose cremation which is accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. I, myself, plan to be cremated. Many of our family members and friends have chosen to be cremated.

One of the beautiful tributes to our beloved who are cremated and whose remains are brought to church for services is to have their urn placed in an ark. You may be wondering what an ark is if you haven't been part of a service providing one. An ark is a vessel to respectfully and with dignity carry their remains in their urn in a liturgical celebration. The ark receives the urn of our beloved. The ark can and will be carried in love and respect like a casket. It will be blessed with our remembrances of baptism and covered with a pall to recover our dignity of being clothed in Jesus Christ.

Saint Catherine of Siena has a beautiful ark that families appreciate. Perhaps you have seen it. It was designed, made and donate by Bob Gruber, a parishioner of St. Catherine’s.

I graciously asked Bob Gruber to design an ark for The Church of the Transfiguration. He has done a splendid job! It will be donated to the Church of the Transfiguration in the honor and memory of my beloved parents.

Next weekend it will be displayed in the Gathering Area of the Church of Transfiguration. I will be available to address any questions. I hope, you will join me in receiving this dignified vessel as we celebrate our beloved.
With love to my mom and dad, and Bob Gruber's generosity.




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