Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

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October 17, 2021

Dear Friends,
Well, I am back after participating in the 125th Boston Marathon! Yep, I crossed the finish line once again!
The day move from the traditional Patriots Day (the third Monday of April) to this past Monday was due to Coronavirus.
Enthusiasm was exuberant as always from the crowds attending and I was humbly moved once again to witness runners in wheel chairs, those running on two legs and people from our nation and those who were able to travel from lands around the world. Safety precautions were strong. As volunteers we had to show we have been vaccinated and would adhere to all safety protocols to make this 125th Boston Marathon successful. This is just a small blessing in my life but it’s a great blessing for me for over three decades now.

“FORWARD IN FAITH”! Hopefully, everyone by now has received a letter from Bishop Matano and myself addressing this year’s Catholic Ministry Appeal.
I am already grateful to each of you who have already joined me in making a pledge to our parishes. God Bless You for your stewardship and witness to this valuable support to our Diocese of Rochester and the churches of the Transfiguration and Saint Catherine of Siena.
Interestingly, I have known folks who have made donations to the CMA to more than one parish because of various affiliations and love for the church. I have never done that until now. I’m meeting wonderful new experiences and love for our two faith communities!
I am going “FORWARD IN FAITH” with zeal, hope and much love for all of you! My prayer, and hopefully yours too, is that we will make this journey together trusting and believing the Lord will provide always for us to be vibrant and giving stewards.
This weekend’s Gospel acclaims this very theme as it picked up on last weeks message. Jesus calls, requests us, if we are to follow Him, to be servants. Servants who acknowledge all we have has been from the Lord and we are called to use these blessings, our very lives, as serving others, particularly the sisters and brothers in need. Another reminder as we pray over our sacred texts of the question, how do you and I show our love of God and neighbor?
Again, thank you to everyone who has joined me in a pledge going “FORWARD IN FAITH”. I am sincerely grateful and will continue to pray that all our sisters and brothers who belong to our faith communities will join you and me in a pledge of support.
Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation this autumn!
Blessings & Love,
Father Rob


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