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September 10, 2023

Dear Friends,

This Saturday several men from our parishes are heading out for Booneville, Kentucky. These generous stewards will offer their hands, hearts and souls to assist our sisters and brothers in various needs. These brothers of ours will bring blessings to lift up the lives of others so they may receive comfort, support, renewal in their basic needs and prayerful support. I will join them for prayer and a blessing as they depart at 6 AM. May all of us keep them and our Booneville friends in our prayers this coming week and beyond.

On Labor Day, I made a connection flying home from Wilmington, North Carolina through LaGuardia Airport. As the plane was departing for Rochester, I looked out my window and there was New York City. As I looked upon this magnificent city, I was thinking about what occurred there 22 years ago this coming Monday.

September 11th will be forever in the minds of those who recall that devasting and evil day. I can relive where I was that day and like so many of you, we watched this tragedy unfolding before us, not only on that day, but for so many days that followed. So many lives taken and so many lives that continue to carry mourning and grief in their hearts and souls.

Monday is a National Mourning and Remembrance Day in the United States of America.

Let us pray for all those who died that day in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. May they be in the peace and the promise of Jesus’s Resurrection. May we pray for all their families and friends who carry their loved ones in memory and heart. May we pray for an end to the destruction of all life and worldwide respect for all peoples. May we embrace the life of Jesus Christ and model His example and request that we love all our sisters and brothers. May we never underestimate what we can do, if we welcome, accept and embrace the graces Jesus offers continuously through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Take some time Monday and be still. Be still in the quiet of remembrance and prayer. May we listen to the Lord speaking to us and how He invites us to forgiveness, love and peace for all. May we rely on Him to be Him in our families, friendships, faith communities, nation and yes, world.

Eternal Rest Grant unto all the faithfully departed. Bless us Lord, who remain here today, that we will be your instruments of peace, justice and love.

With faith, hope, and blessings,
Father Rob


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