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September 3, 2023

Dear Friends,

On June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed the law creating a National Labor Day.

You and I celebrate this holiday in a variety of ways, but like many national holidays (Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the Fourth of July) do we appreciate, by our activities on these holidays, the significance of these momentous occasions? Labor Day is a Federal holiday always on the first Monday of September. It recognizes the American Labor Movement and the contributions of workers and laborers to the development and achievements of the United States of America.

God Bless all our people who work to bring bounty and prosperity to our nation. We live in a moment where we are surrounded by what seems like a loss of “willing people” to work for all sorts of businesses. I have heard many “reasons” for the explanation of this situation we are facing. Some may be legitimate and some may be bias on our perspectives. Nonetheless, can we celebrate the individuals who work hard to make their lives secure and our nation prosperous? Can we be open to those who want to work, but face struggles that prevent them from making a contribution to our work needs when “others” do not want to do the work of necessity?

It certainly is complex this subject of work and having willing folks who will step in to these positions of necessity. What can we all do, looking at our own blessings and legitimate needs, to continue what our National Labor Day was originally intended to be?

I am pleased to share with everyone that Kathy Shon has been hired into the part-time position of Saint Catherine of Siena’s Liturgical Coordinator. Kathy is a prayerful woman of the Lord, skilled, versed and educated in the ministry of the Lord’s Gospel, to be a viable and gifted Liturgical Coordinator that will not only bless Saint Catherine’s, but will bless Transfiguration as well.

As our Parish Staffs generously come together to share their prayerfulness, skills, and ministries among one another for the enrichment of all, we are fortunate to welcome Kathy on our journey to “Strengthen the Vine.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Kathy, please introduce yourselves and let us join one another in welcoming her, who will bless us all!

Our two faith communities have been addressing prayerfully serious necessities to continue to make our parishes strong and vibrant. I believe we are on the right path by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and your dedicated Staff.

This weekend, I will be taking off to baptize my dear friend’s, Lindsey and Greg Ferrari’s daughter, Lily Elizabeth! I have known Greg since 1982. I was his sponsor for Confirmation and had the delightful privilege to preside at his marriage to Lindsey (just happened to be on my birthday)! That was a great gift. This baptism will also be blessed as we celebrate Lindsey’s parents, Beth and Jim’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!

So, I am looking forward for a few days to be away and part of such joys!

Know my “joys” always remember you and I’ll be praying for you.

Have a Blessed Labor Day and may we pray for thegoodness and justice for all to have good work,
Father Rob 


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