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News from the Orient – June 14, 2024

In this week's news from the Eastern Churches, produced in collaboration with L'Œuvre d'Orient, Cardinal Sako returns to Baghdad, Germany hosts a peace conference for Ukraine, and a Lebanese town is plunged into a political crisis.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Factor

Our Editorial Director reflects on an event in 1983, when a man saved the world from a nuclear war that could have been triggered by the error of a machine.

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Pope to G7: AI is ‘neither objective nor neutral’

In an address to the G7 summit, Pope Francis discusses the threat and promise of artificial intelligence, the ‘techno-human condition’, human vs algorithmic decision-making, AI-written essays, and the necessity of political collaboration on technology.

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Who are the African Religious serving on Congregational Leadership Councils in Rome?

Last month’s Rome conference on Africa Day, organised by African religious men and women serving in various generalates of religious congregations, provided a window into Africa’s contribution to the universal Church. These African religious men and women are providing much-needed leadership not just as heads of their congregations but also as ordinary council members of congregational councils or leadership teams.

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Holy See calls for urgent climate action and migrant protection

Addressing the 34th Standing Committee on Programs and Finance of the IOM, Archbishop Ettore Balestrero emphasises the urgent need for a comprehensive, human-centred approach to climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and the protection of climate migrants.

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Hollerich: ‘The seeds of a synodal church are already sprouting’

Theologians evaluating contributions for the upcoming Second Session of the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops have concluded their reflections, with work on the “Instrumentum laboris” for the Second Session of the General Assembly of the Synod continuing.

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Pope’s representative to U.S. says Eucharistic revival for bishops, too

In an address at the first public session of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference spring general assembly, Cardinal Christophe Pierre reminded the American prelates that the Eucharistic Revival isn’t necessary for just the laity, but for them, as well.

Kenya bishops say proposed tax increases would punish the poor

Kenya’s Catholic bishops are warning if the 2024 Finance Bill is passed, it would hurt the vast majority of the African country’s poor.

Pro-life groups say U.S. Supreme Court decision puts ‘women and girls at risk’

A decision by the United States Supreme Court relaxed chemical abortion drug regulations to continue will put the “health of women and girls at risk,” according to the U.S. bishops.

Pope to comedians: Help us to dream of a better world

Pope Francis meets with more than 100 comedians from around the world, encouraging them to cheer people up and help people see reality with all its contradictions.

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