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Pope urges Catholic Action to “listen” to the suffering of people

Pope Francis on Friday received some 80 members of the Azione Cattolica Italiana (ACI), or Italian Catholic Action, a popular lay Catholic association that functions under the Italian bishops’ conference.

125 Europe-bound children rescued off Libyan coast

The United Nations Children’s Fund highlights the dangerous plight of migrants, including children, attempting to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. This week alone, 125 children were among those rescued at sea off the coast of Libya.

Swiss Guard: Swearing in ceremony on 6 May amid Covid restrictions

The Pontifical Swiss Guard confirms the date of 6 May, for the swearing-in of 34 new recruits. It will take place without an audience out of respect for the current rules of protection against Covid-19.

Pope allows Cardinals, Bishops to be tried by Vatican tribunals

Pope Francis has issued a new Apostolic Letter “motu proprio,” which modifies the judicial system in Vatican City State. Until now, Cardinals and Bishops could only be tried by the “Corte di Cassazone” (Court of Cassation, the Vatican’s Supreme Court), presided over by a Cardinal. With the new motu proprio, the Pope allows Cardinals and Bishops to be tried by a court of first instance, with the stipulation that cases will still have to be authorised by the Supreme Pontiff.

Pope to Chemin Neuf Community: “Continue to walk the paths of fraternity"

Pope Francis encourages the members of the Chemin Neuf Community in their mission of service of the poor, reminding them that the Lord counts on their boldness, courage and enthusiasm.

Scores dead in stampede at Jewish festival in Israel

A stampede at a religious festival attended by tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews in northern Israel killed at least 44 people and injured about 150 early Friday.

Seven days with Pope Francis - News Video

With the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd who lays down His life, the high point of the Holy Father's last seven days in service to the Church was the ordination of priests which took place on the Altar of the Confession in St Peter's Basilica.

Brazil's Bishops to hold a special day of prayer for Haiti

Catholics in Brazil will join in prayer on Saturday for a special day of prayer for the Caribbean nation of Haiti, which is still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake and has seen rising violent crime.

The hidden life of Somalia’s Christians

In Somalia’s complex context, a very small Christian community continues to live notwithstanding the various difficulties and challenges.