Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Long Range Plan Presentations

Below are the presentations from each Mass in June, and a copy of the Long Range Plan Bulletin Insert handout.

A huge thank you to the sub-teams who have developed the plan to date, and will help see the plan activities through to completion.

If anyone wishes to participate in an activity or sub-team, you are most welcome.  Each plan activity is connected to a sub-team, please feel free to contact the sub-team lead at the e-mail address below, or any of the sub-team members.


June 3 2018 Presentation

June 10 2018 Presentation

June 17 2018 Presentation

June 24 2018 Town Meeting Presentation

Handout of Long Range Plan - Bulletin Insert


Culture:  Ron and Martha Jodoin, Co-Leaders, rjodoin@rochester.rr.com   

               Ben Cutter, Ellen DeLaire, Bryan Donahue, Sue Donahue, Tim Donahue, Gerry Gacioch, Sue Gangemi, Bryan Gargano, Jennifer Gargano, Wayne Howard, Bob Hutchins,

               Vivian Mundschau, and Ryan Realbuto, Sue Reed

Pastoral Life:  Kim Fluet - Leader, knoethen@gmail.com

                        John Balzano, Margie Benza, Elizabeth Brent, Anne Gallagher, Meg Kastner, Emily Miller, Janice Powalski, Victoria Wejko, Sue Wallace, Nancy Zinn

Communications:  John Hennessy - Leader,  jphenn99@gmail.com

                              Doug Brayer, Joey Campagna,  Leo Finucane, Marilyn Steane, Pat Vallely, Rose Volker, Nancy Wahl

Finance:  Diane Carroll-Yacoby - Leader, diane.carroll-yacoby@kodak.com

                Rich DiMarco, Mike Goonan, Nelson Matias, Maureen O'Connor, Cindi Proano,  

Buildings and Grounds:  Rich Gangemi - Leader, rgangemi@me.com

                                         Roger Brandt, Karl Hamann, Mike Kirwan, Rob Kozarits, Luca Torcia, Gary Volker