Lord, how good it is for us to be here -- Matthew 17

Fr. Rob's Weekly Message

Fr. Rob's Weekly Message

March 13, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/10/22

Dear Friends,This Second Sunday of Lent we take a look at Luke’s version of the Transfiguration narrative!It certainly gives us much to contemplate upon and reflect into our own lives as “We Walk On Holy Ground”.Looking briefly at the first reading this weekend from the Book of Genesis we ... Read More »

March 6, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 3/03/22

Dear Friends,I begin not knowing what will happen in our world by this publication. I’m writing this article on Sunday afternoon, 12:55PM on February 27th.I shared at the weekend liturgies which I presided at, that my heart was distressed with the tragic aggression of Putin and the Russian government ... Read More »

February 27, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 2/24/22

Dear Friends,I begin in thanking Andrea Borelli and Patrick Ashley for bringing a 40th “Ruby” Anniversary together marking the theater group of the Schnacky Players!God bless Andrea, Patrick and all the other thespians and behind the scenes workers who pulled off the production of “The Dastardly Doctor Devereaux”! And ... Read More »

February 20, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 2/17/22

Dear Friends,Unlike the Evangelist Matthew who was on a mountain proclaiming the Beatitudes, the Evangelist Luke stood on a stretch of level ground for his rendition of the Beatitudes.Last weekend Deacon Kevin began his homily addressing Luke’s Beatitudes saying who doesn’t wonder what’s going on when you hear blessed ... Read More »

February 13, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 2/10/22

Dear Friends,We have had some very fruitful gatherings to discuss our Synod Themes. Those who have participated from various ministries gathering together, those who attend morning mass and those who have stayed after the weekend masses have contributed greatly to the conversation that Pope Francis has initiated. Pope Francis ... Read More »

February 6, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 2/03/22

Dear Friends,Last weekend was delightful having Deacon Kevin Carges back breaking open the scriptures after two months off. It is a compliment to him on how many people have asked about him and have missed his presence.I know Kevin told us he identifies with the prophet Jeremiah because Jeremiah ... Read More »

January 30, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 1/27/22

Dear Friends,As I mentioned in my homily last weekend we had a perfect opportunity to pick up on the reading from 1 Corinthians and the Gospel of Luke to address the SYNOD and our role in it.Saint Paul emphasized the theology of our baptism reminding us just as the ... Read More »

January 23, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 1/20/22

Dear Friends,Hopefully, this past week had your favorite football team win!Yes, I was rooting for the Bills on Saturday in that frigid night. Yes, let me repeat, I was cheering on the Bills. Friends of mine though were cheering for different teams between Saturday and Sunday. Isn't that how ... Read More »

January 16, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 1/13/22

Dear Friends,Well, our parishes have taken down and put away our precious Christmas decorations. Christmas ended last weekend celebrating the Baptism of the Lord.It was wonderful to have Lucas Cutter’s baptism during the 8:45 mass! What a precious gift not only to his family but to all of us! ... Read More »

January 9, 2022

Posted by Nancy Wahl on 1/07/22

Dear Friends,I’m praying your New Year is off to a peaceful and blessed beginning! Many voices have expressed hopefulness that this year will be happier and healthier.Unfortunately, it seems I know more people with Covid now than when this pandemic first confronted us. They have been vaccinated and boosted ... Read More »


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